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With Reeelit you can save in installments for what you want. Pay with your own money, not credit.

How it werks, werks, werks…

Find what you want from your favorite shopping site, then copy the link to add a New Reeelit.

Set your daily contribution, and link your bank account to start saving for it in installments.

As you set money aside, we’ll keep track of the price of what you’re saving for.

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Reeelers said whaaat?

"When I found Reeelit, I was like 'Oh I like this!' I can get my dream bag."

“I love it! It's like a game that helps me put money away to treat myself”
- Jessyca

“I think it’s awesome! Reeelit makes me think about what I need, and helps me get there”

"It was easy. I kinda forgot that I had done it, and then I got something in the mail! It’s like gifting yourself.”

“I knew what I was looking for. I set it up, then stopped thinking about it. Before I knew, I had funded my new sweater.”

“It’s pain-free. I thought it was great to leave it running in the background.”

"I was surprised how quickly I was able to save once my goal was set up."

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