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We believe that all aspirations can become reality if you are smart about it. At Reeelit, we make savings the simple way to pay for the things you want. From now on, you don’t have to depend on debt to achieve your goals.

We empower you to own what you love, debt-free.

Daniela Corrente, CEO

Daniela is passionate about understanding human behavior. An experienced Associate Creative Director, now dedicated to building Reeelit from the ground up. Her favorite quote: “Meaning comes from feeling not from knowledge” -Bob Deutsch

Alejandro Quilici, CMO

Alejandro’s experience ranges from film production to creative writing. Before starting Reeelit, he worked as a Copywriter in NYC developing communications for the country’s top brands. He believes surfing is the best remedy to cure all ills. His favorite quote: “Find out what people want instead of telling them what they need. Once you do, help them get it.” -Unknown

Matt Filion, CTO

Matt loves cooking, code, and dogs. He is a seasoned technologist and team leader, with experience in FinTech, focusing on mobile payment technology. His favorite quote: “If everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking.” -George S. Patton

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