Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


Why Reeelit?

We are rethinking the way people shop, by giving them the financial empowerment they need to use their own money to pay for what they want. No debt. No guilt.


What’s makes Reeelit unique?

Reeelit is all about getting you to your end goal smartly and with ease. We believe that anything you want—no matter the price—is hidden in your finances. By combining automated savings and price alerts under one experience, we’re allowing users to make their money work for them.


How does Reeelit work?

1. Tell us what you want

Add the link and info of the item you want to save for. Anything from clothing and accessories, to furniture and home decor.

2. Set a saving strategy

Pick how much you want to save every day, then link your bank account to start automatic transactions towards it.

3. Save up, then own it

As you save, we’ll keep you inspired and track the price. Once you have the full amount, we’ll place the order for you.


Isn’t Reeelit just like layaway?

Not quite. Most stores that offer layaway plans have fees, plus you are committing to that one retailer. With Reeelit you are not limited to one store, and since we don’t hold inventory we get to look for a better deals from hundreds of retailers, as you keep setting money aside. Think of it as a saveaway ; )


Can friends contribute towards my item?

Heck yeah! Once you add an item and start saving for it, you have the option of sharing it with as many people as you want. Hooray!


What about one-time contributions?

Once your Reeelit is active, you can Boost it at any point.


Are there any fees?

Nope. Reeelit is free for users. We make money from the sale.


How does the money get transferred?

Through ACH transactions, which is a standard process many financial institutions, apps and platforms use. Keep in mind once a debit is requested, it takes approximately 3-5 business days for the money to clear from your bank account and credited to your Reeelit fund.


How can I avoid overdrafts?

Glad you asked! When selecting the account you want to automatically debit from, it’s very important that, well, it has enough funds. So make sure you connect an account that has a constant stream of cash coming in. Reeelit only knows from which account to make daily debits from, not how much is available on it.


How secure is Reeelit?

We make the security of your funds and information our top priority. Your money lives in an FDIC insured account (up to $250,000). We also use certified SSL communications to encrypt and safely store your info.


How do I access my Reeelit funds?

Once logged into your Reeelit account, you would be able to manage and edit your contributions and banking information. Reeelit works with Stripe, which means you can request your funds to be returned to your account at any point. After all, it’s your money.


Once an item is funded, how do I get it?

Reeelit will notify once you have saved for your item in full. You’ll only need to cover Tax + Shipping if you haven’t already added it to your total saving amount.


More questions?

Feel free to drop us a line. You can Contact Us anytime.


Join Reeelit today and start treating yourself to want you love, debt-free.

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